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Focus Outset
What the Dev Lab will take focus on

This edition of the Azure Dev Lab will take focus on introducing developers on how they can develop software with DevOps through Micrososoft Azure.

The development phase of DevOps is where all the core software development work happens. It takes in plans for the current iteration, usually in the form of task assignments, and produces software artifacts that express the updated functionality. This requires not only the tools used to write code, such as Visual Studio, but also supporting services like version control, issue management, and automated testing.
Session Preparation
Have the following ready ahead of the session

  • What A Microsoft Azure developer session with focus on Azure DevOps
  • When Thurs, 13 January 2022, 17:00 - 19:00PM
  • Who Techies / Developers, Data Scientists / Enthusiasts
  • Which The session will focus on using Azure to build web apps
  • Where Virtual (link to be shared)
  • How Get your computer read, open Visual Studio Code and have internet

Sorry, this event has passed.