Geekulcha Council of Advisors

Collective minds to nurture the Geek Culture

Serve on the Council

Helping Shape the Geek Culture

The Geek Culture is growing fast in South Africa with a lot of hackathons happening, meetups, participation by females is also gaining momentum and other activities on the ground. Given the growth angle, there is a need to nurture and shape the digital scene we all want to see.

Geekulcha is calling on industry leaders to volunteer and serve on the Geekulcha Council of Advisors in South Africa. These will be a collective of minds and help shape and to sustainably grow the Geek Culture in the country..

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Council Commissions

Focus areas of the Geekulcha Council of Advisors

Tech Ecosystem

Exposure and getting exquipped with Digital skills

Open Innovation

Skills, network and Industry Exposure


Seeking to polish skills and stay up-to-date

Industry and Innovation

Provide mentorship and seek talent to hire

Mandate of the Advisory Council

These are the things Geekulcha requires of the council


Quarterly Meetings

Quarterly council meetings are arranged to discuss the health of the tech ecosystem in SA and set growth paths


Advise on Programmes

With a variety of programmes that Geekulcha has, the council may advise on sustainable implementation strategies


Knowledge Share

Council members are advised to share the industry experience with the young geeks at events and ideally be judges