Charlotte Wu

Part of Research and Development unit, Charlotte Wu has been part of Geekulcha since 2020

I hope to help Geekulcha play a part in extending digital literacy in South Africa and empowering people to learn new skills that enable them to take part in the digital world and the 4IR.

- Charlotte Wu

About Charlotte Wu

Research and Development Lead in the Research and Development unit

Charlotte grew up in the UK but originally comes from Shanghai, China. She first came to South Africa while studying for her PhD in 2015, and moved to Johannesburg in January 2020 where she now lives.

With a background in social research, focusing on gender, global health and employability, she is driven by work that focuses on social impact and change.

Her key focus areas at Geekulcha are research, impact assessment and business development. She is interested in digital literacy for development, civic tech and service improvement.

Projects At Geekulcha Since 2020

  • Moringa School Focus Groups

    Moringa School is a multi-disciplinary coding school committed to closing the skills gap in Africa’s job market by offering high-potential students the necessary technical and professional training in order to compete in a digital, global economy.

    Founded in 2014 by Audrey Cheng, a Taiwanese-American entrepreneur, Moringa School is creating world-class developers by providing a comprehensive curriculum and an outcome-driven program to motivated, young people in Africa.

  • Digital Skills Summit Hackathon

    Data is the new gold, and NEMISA K4I has been collecting data from across South Africa (rural, urban township), which reflects where people, organisations, and government are in terms of their digital behaviours and skills.

  • The UK-SA Digital Literacy For Development (DL4D) Training Project

    All 9 provinces