Kingsley Kgwedi

Part of Office / Enterprise unit, Kingsley Kgwedi has been part of Geekulcha since 2014

It’s one of those curiosity of wanting to do something that will change the world. Kingsley would like to see himself as one of the get backers to his country by sharing and helping others like they helped him.

- Kingsley Kgwedi

About Kingsley Kgwedi

Systems Developer in the Office / Enterprise unit

Born and Raised in Gauteng, love music and tech. He always wanted to do anything that has to do with music and robots or any machines. He is commonly known as 'Skinny' in the tech ecosystem.

While in high school, Skinny started off his music career and was famous for his Michael Jackson dance moves. The love for music saw him performing at various events. He then decided to combine his love for music with technology. He has since released 3 songs for the Geekulcha Annual Hackathon.

His love for robots saw him collecting junk materials, from fish tins to radio motors to broken scrap toys to build robots. That's how he was discovered by Mixo and Tiyani while in Grade 10 during the Tshwane University of Technology's Career Day.

Having gotten an ooportunity to be part of the Geekulcha Youth ICT and Business Vacation Work programme, he got a further head start into the world of ICT that he pursued after high school.

He always look at gaining knowledge and learning from different people and organizations through Geekulcha and that opened a way in exploring what he wants to do in life.

Teaching Minister Dlodlo how to Code

Ahead of the National Public Service Hackathon, Skinny spent 2 days team Minister Ayanda Dlodo (then responsible for Public Service and Administration) to build an application that launched the Hackathon.

Kingsley Kgwedi's favourite quote:

I'm the only one who can call my dream stupid.

Roronoa Zoro

Projects At Geekulcha Since 2014

  • Geekulcha Vacation Work Programme

    Leading the youth programme in different parts of the country

  • Geekulcha Student Student

    Managing GKSS