Lisette Mukeba

Part of Research and Development unit, Lisette Mukeba has been part of Geekulcha since 2020

To the techies, technology keeps on advancing, and keeping up will help develop your skills. Learn something new at least every week. Trust me it can be hard sometimes to commit to that but with a little more efforts it eventually works.

- Lisette Mukeba

About Lisette Mukeba

Systems Developer in the Research and Development unit

Lisette Mukeba studied Computer systems Engineering at Tshwane university of technology.

Currently working at Geekulcha as a system developer. Her professional interest focuses on backend and frontend development and also hardware. Some of her current project include the Smart office system, Raeketsetsa website, The Limpopo Development Ecosystem.

In addition, Lisette is also part of the Geekulcha team currently working on the Digital Literacy for development project, with the aim to equip excluded and marginalized communities in South Africa with the basic.

My aim is to be stronger than the challenges I face in any environment or situation I find myself in.

Lisette Mukeba's favourite quote:

It is going to be hard but hard does not mean impossible.


Projects At Geekulcha Since 2020

  • Raeketsetsa Website

    Connecting female Geeks