Driving An Inclusive Geek Culture

Be sure to follow up on all Geekulcha programmes

Why Join The Geekulcha Platform?

Here are some reasons of why you should join the Geekulcha

Home of the Geeks

Feel at home and have sense of belonging, embrace the Geek in you

Projects Participation

With the pool of skills, Geekulcha will push various projects to the community

Tech Events

Never miss tech events as they come up, there will be something of your interest

Industry Exposure

Get more exposure to the industry for work or collaborative opportunities

Join the Geekulcha Platform

Be part of the Digital Revolution

Main Geekulcha Platform

The main Geekulcha has a central drive of the tech ecosystem activities. Be part of the this ecosystem to receive all tech activities as they happen in South Africa.

The Programmes

Geekulcha programmes are curated to drive digital inclusivity, catering a variety of audience. Different activities are done in different parts of the country, follow on these:

Facebook Developer Circles: Pretoria

Centered on meetups, the Facebook developer circles connects tech-interested minds. Join the Pretoria circle led by Mixo and Tiyani.

Geekulcha Platform Desires

In building the Geek Culture, the goal is to help the community acheive the following


Exposure and getting exquipped with Digital skills


Skills, network and Industry Exposure


Seeking to polish skills and stay up-to-date

Put skills to real use

Provide mentorship and seek talent to hire