03 March 2018 | 08:30 - 17:00 | 40 Simmonds, Johannesburg | bit.ly/ODDJoburg

#ODISC - Open Data for Innovation and Smart Citizenship

The age of the Internet Economy, it is a requirement to have basic Digital skills. It's also important to be knowledgeable about the world and systems around us. Open Data can help accelerate this cause.

Open Data refers to data that is freely available, can be accessed, used and/or changed and republished by anyone.

This is not a new concept but has been given a greater spotlight recently to promote Open Governance and Democracy.

Geekulcha has taken a stand to help drive the Open Data movement in South Africa in efforts to growing Innovation and Smart Citizenship. Data is an important aspect of our lives and its import to understand, manage, use, present and decide from it.

Public Interest

Data is not only for the tech-savvy

Data Standards

Enforcing and educating data standards

Decision Making

Helping organizations and use data to decide

Data Economy

Turn Open Data into a new businesses

Drive Drive - Building Interest and Literacy

This how Geekulcha will be driving Open Data programmes in South Africa

Open Dataquests
Hackathons Integration
Data Challenges

Need Data for a Project?

Lead the Geek Revolution at your campus

Request Data