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About SafeHack 2018

The motivation behind SafeHack is to encourage our hackers to consider their responsibilities in building something that is intrinsically safe from the beginning, by doing so we are adding a Cyber Security awareness component into the hackathon

The 2018 edition of SafeHack took place at the BCX Centurion Offices with over 100 techies.

This will go over some basic ways in which code can be compromised, and show how if care is not taken, the information or your solution may be completely taken over by another party.

Teams worked on addressing these vulnerabilities on their solutions: Cross Site Scripting, Local File Inclusion, SQL Injection, Web Shell Upload, Command Injection and XXE Injection

SafeHack 2018 in Photos

#SafeHack 2018 Day 1

SafeHack 2018 Winners

The Top 3 Teams: Most Secure Solutions

1st: Open Publications

R10 000 cash IBM Cloud Services voucher To attend CISO Alliances

2nd: The Pixel

R5 000 cash IBM Cloud Services voucher

3rd: 1632

R3 500 cash IBM Cloud Services voucher

Spot Prize Winners: Individual Prizes

Nompumelo Moerane

Best Female Star: Won a ticket to BCX Disrupt 2018

Siyabonga Bongwa

Ultimate GeekStar: Won a ticket to BCX Disrupt 2018

Rochelle Makhubela

Best Twittera: Won 1GIG of Data

University Students

Network Specialists

Female Developers

Tech Startups

ITWeb Security Summit

ITWeb SS18Hack Build-Up

SafeHack will consist as an ideation phase for the ITWeb Security Summit Hackathon in 2018.

#SS18Hack Information

InfoSec Skills Drive On The Ground

Hacking for Digital Safety

#SafeHack 2018: Please Take Note

These are the things Geekulcha requires of the council

What to Expect

  1. There will be an introductory session will introduce safe coding principles, and explain how the software and hardware can be used against the business (developer) and its customers.

  2. To make things more interesting for the more cyber minded, we also want to take advantage of this opportunity to show how easy it is for anyone to break into a system. So we will have servers configured with the basic vulnerabilities that were explained in the intro tutorials.

  3. The SafeHack entrants will then have an opportunity to use the tricks they have been taught to obtain information or images from these servers. This will be run as a fully separate side contest, mostly for fun and kudos.

Rules of Engagement

  1. Please Note: No cyber hacking of any other contestants, projects, laptops or devices is allowed. Any attempts will result in disqualification. The

  2. CyberHack contest is only open to beginners (hackers who do not work for or in cyber security at any level). Participants must bring their own machines for the Hackathon.

  3. Bring your own laptop

  4. You are not allowed to Hack into the WI-FI

SafeHack 2018 in Numbers and Output

157 Participants | 7.9/10 Code Quality | 18 Projects | 82% New Skills | Over R40K in Prizes

SafeHack 2018 Partners

SafeHack 2018 Partners

Building a Secure Future

Become A SafeHack Partner

Led by Ms Keitumetsi Tsotetsi, SafeHack seeks is a Radical Skills Transformation in Information Security. We call on industry leaders to partner with is in this journey.

Needs: Funds, Internship Programme, Media, Prizes, etc.

Partnership Value: Co-branding opportunity, post-event reports/analysis, social media mentions, talent scouting, speaking and judging, and more.

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