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As South Africa live upon the vision 2030 of the Natioal Development Plan, it's important to grow the Digital Skills capacity.

During the Youth Month, Geekulcha will name and honor Top 15 Young Geeks in South Africa. These are the minds marking their stamp and playing a greater role in the Digital Revolution.

The Geeks who makes the list are recognized as GeekStars - the next best tech things.

One gets nominated and selected to be on the list based on the work they had been doing and contributing the SA tech ecosystem.

The 2018 Top 15 Young Geeks

The Geeks who made the list for 2018 - the year of a Geek Culture of Sustainable Innovation

Celebrating Geek Excellence

Showcase some of the tech talent in the country doing the things

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The 2017 Top 15 Young Geeks

The Geeks who made the list for 2017 - the year of a Collaborative Digital Economy

#Top15YoungGeeks - How it works?

Go out there, Discover and be Discovered

Public Nomination Top 25 Short-listed Geekulcha Chooses 15

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Know someone deserving to be listed as a one of South Africa's Top Young Geeks of 2019? Nominate them or yourself here to make the list.

NOTE: The Top 15 Young Geeks will be announced on 03 June 2019 during Youth Month.

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